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Product overview
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Based on years of effort to promote China automated welding equipment and technology innovation and technological advancement powerful originality;
Based on many years of successful experience in promotion of new welding technology;
Based on many years of design and manufacturing service capability of whole plant large pipe production line.
Based on many years of design and manufacturing service capability on whole plant pipeline production line.
Based on years of rich capabilities in welding technology application and technical service.
Based on complete global agent system and global service capability
Provide whole plant welding production line solution of wind tower, pressure vessel, pipeline, steel structure, pipe structure ,etc.

Offshore wind energy- offshore wind tower/

monopile welding production line

Land wind tower welding production line

Offshore jacket/multi tubular pile

welding production line

Cryogenic pressure vessel welding production line

Petrochemical tower welding

production line

Oil & gas pipeline welding production line

Standard product

Self aligning welding rotator

Conventional welding rotator

Lead screw adjustable welding rotator

Pipe fit up rotator

Pipe blasting and painting rotator

Welding column boom

Gantry type welding platform

Cantilever type welding platform

Welding positioner

CNC cutting machine

H beam welding production line

Edge milling machine